Friday, January 19, 2018
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"Across generations, cultures, and faiths; well correlated consensus perceptions of incontestable inner experiential truths have yielded the Perennial Philosophy - the enduring truths of the world's spiritual traditions.

Such perception can always guide us. It is the limited interpretation of these experiences that can often result in external consensus building and altogether limiting experiences of what is true."

- Chris Menné, MA

Exploring the worlds of consciousness:

As a child there was the constant wonder about the true nature of things. As a young man diverse interests ruled the day, astronomy, the sciences, mystical writings and experiences; then at 19 I became interested in aviation.

Aviation satisfied much of this curiosity I had to really get one's hands on so many experiences at once. Constant exposure to the world of aerodynamics, gas turbine engines, weather, aircraft handling, inertial navigation etc. as well as working with all kinds of people in all sorts of situations was all extremely satisfying to me.

At age 40, I began to look inward. Increasingly, I was getting the drift that there was (and is) an awful lot going on in the conventional-ordinary world that wasn't being explained. Quantum physics provided some comfort to the "mystery" of it all but "out here" the conventional world of "regular consciousness" appeared more and more limiting.

Eventually, as I began volunteering with hospice, started working hard on my relationships, going through therapy, and exploring esoteric works as well as meditating regularly; something was changing. I began not to long for more, but to long for matters more true to me.

By this time I experienced the deaths of both my father and my older sister as well as the deaths of a few friends - in every case I noticed an innate capacity to deeply attend to the dying, the situation, and the survivors. Through the prompting of family, close friends, and teachers, in short order I began to realize that attending to challenging life experiences is where I should apply my attention and energies insofar as life work. As this became evermore clear, I engaged in higher education to cultivate this capacity. At age 49 I resigned from a 20 year job as a commercial airline pilot flying Boeing 737s and began my journey to a higher level of service.

In 2007 I received a MA in Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University. I was attracted to Transpersonal Psychology because it draws from the insights of western psychology as well as the wisdom of the world spiritual traditions.

I am grateful to many teachers for cultivating this capacity, teachers both conventional and un-orthodox. For truly, what we know of ourselves as sentient self-aware creatures is expanding all the time, to embrace this great mystery is our birthright – to do so in ways that cause no harm or confusion is our calling.

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"Chris is deeply committed to the client's highest spiritual unfolding and breakthroughs. He compassionately and adeptly guides the session drawing upon wisdom and techniques from many spiritual backgrounds."
~Marisa Mangum, Seattle WA

"Chris is very talented at supporting interpersonal relationships and has helped me navigate several major life events."
~Bill Gruening, Boulder CO

"I find Chris unique in his understanding and respect for different and complementary ways of knowing, spiritual traditions, and methods of caring. His ability to deeply and courageously attend to challenging situations is his greatest strength."
~Gregory Steinwand, Psy D Boulder CO